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Il Ballarino: Steps and Dances

In this book, Margaret Roe presents dances of late-sixteenth century Italy in a new, easy-to-use format that allows dancers and musicians of all skill levels to be able to understand and perform these dances.

  • All the necessary steps, translated into modern English
  • Beat-by-beat step explanations
  • Dances in an simple, annotated format
  • Footnotes explaining
    • Any complex sections of choreography
    • All interpretations or changes made to the dances
    • The methods of reconstruction used
  • Charts of each dance's attributes, providing a global perspective of all dance, including:
    • Number of dancers
    • Number of verses
    • Number of solos per dancer
    • Dance styles used
    • Steps used
    • Overall length
    • Musical structure

Il Ballarino: Steps and Dances contains

  • 81 dances-all of the dances in the original book
  • 47 steps, including beat-by-beat explanations
  • 2 charts detailing the dances and steps

The sheet music to accompany this book should be available in Spring 2012.

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